Martin Seongsoon Park

Hi, I am a Full Stack Developer looking for awesome opportunities. I love making, building, and developing fun and interactive applications!
New York, New York

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My name is Martin and I am majoring in Computer Science at NYU. Traversing from back-end to front-end, I mostly use Node.js or Ruby on Rails for the back, and Angular and React for the front. I am also comportably with both SQL and NoSQL databases, namly MongoDB and PostgresSQL. But my area is not restricted on the web development. I do Unity development as a hobby and build interactive games using p5.js and three.js. My goal is to become a developer that creates user interactive applications.


  • Twitter Bot
    Dec 18, 2015
    So sometime last week, as I was studing for the finals, I was distracted and thought it would be nice...

  • Rock and Code!
    Sep 30, 2015
    Rock & Code Developer Weekend Contest happened last weekend. Although I am still recovirng from those sleepless nights, I am...

  • Up and running, my blog
    Sep 20, 2015
    Finally setted up my blog. It took me a great deal of time to figure out which website generator to...

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  • Vitalize
    Vitalize started with an idea on how to visualize one's voice, to give life to one's story. There are many easy ways to analyze and visualize your speech, possibly using volumes or amplitudes. But those data do not fully vitalize the inner nature of your speech. No feelings, vibes and sentiments are involved.

  • Migratory
    Migratory is an infinite VR flying simulator with beautiful environment and calming music.

  • Rescue
    Rescue is a colorful game that relaxes you from daily stress. It plays a beautiful stream of songs along with satisfying sound effects. It was originated from an idea to create a mind relaxing game that I can play without stress, but also something I wouldn't want quit so easily. As the 'Ghost' rescues other souls, it absorbs their colors. Rescuing dark souls will eventually turn the Ghost to pitch black. Brighter ones, make it brighter.

  • NYU Forest
    NYU Forest is a community site for Korean International students at NYU. Users can post, comment and vote interesting posts. Node.js, MongoDB and Angular 1 are used.

  • Rountables
    Roundtables is a social network service for the people looking to join or create teams for any purpose. Users can create study groups, project teams and communicate inside the team board. Node.js, MongoDB and React.js are used.